Our Fabrics

Introducing Our Exquisite Fabric Collection


Step into the world of hand block printed textiles, where artistry meets sustainability. Our collection showcases a stunning array of fabrics meticulously crafted from natural fibers such as cotton, flax, linen, and modal. With a commitment to quality and ethical sourcing, we collaborate with renowned mills in India renowned for their sustainable practices.


Each piece in our collection embodies the essence of India's rich textile heritage. Our skilled artisans employ traditional techniques handed down through generations to create intricate designs and patterns that captivate the senses. Every fabric tells a tale of craftsmanship, weaving together the past and the present.


We prioritize sustainability by consciously selecting natural fibers. Cotton, a staple in our collection, is cherished for its softness, durability, and versatility. We take great care in choosing cotton fabrics that offer exceptional quality and comfort, ensuring that they endure the test of time.


Flax and linen fabrics showcase their distinct texture and natural radiance, adding depth and character to our designs. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but they are also highly absorbent and breathable, making them ideal for warmer climates.


Embracing innovation, our collection includes fabrics made from modal, a sustainable fiber derived from beech tree pulp. With its exquisite silky touch and eco-friendly production process, modal offers a luxurious drape and feel. Its minimal environmental impact, requiring less water and land compared to cotton, aligns with our commitment to sustainability.


In conclusion, our hand block printed textiles, crafted from natural fibers, harmonize tradition, quality, and sustainability. They celebrate the exceptional skills of our artisans and India's profound textile heritage. We invite you to explore our collection and immerse yourself in the beauty and grace of these fabrics.