Indian Handicraft


What is Hand Block Printing?

Hand Block Printing is the traditional process of printing, with rich natural colours. Rajasthan has been practicing this method from last many generations. Block printing was introduced to the Jaipur region of Rajasthan by the Chhipa community.

The procedure of Hand Block Printing:

Step 1: CARVING 

Master block carvers make these blocks. These blocks are made using sheesham wood  carved by a chisel and wooden hammer to form a beautiful design pattern. 


This step involves dipping the wooden block in dye and is firmly stamped onto the fabric using hand . It requires certain amount of force to print the design perfectly on the cloth. 

Step 3: Drying

At every step the fabrics have to dry in the open fields under the sun.

Step 4: DYEING

Once the printing is done on the fabric it gets dyed. Dyes are made with natural materials found in our surroundings, such as flowers, leaves, spices and various other natural metals.


After dyeing, previously the fabrics were washed using hands and were air dried but with time this step was slowly replaced my machines.


Techniques of block printing

Dabu or Mud Printing:
The technique involves using a mixture of mud and other natural materials to create a resist pattern on the fabric.

Bagru Printing:
It is done by printing dark or coloured motifs on a cream or dyed background. 2-3 colors can be used in this printing

Ajrakh is printed on both sides by resist printing method. The printing is done by hand using hand carved wooden blocks. Ajrakh print is performed within a grid. Repetitive pattern creates a web-like design.
Discharge Printing:
It is a method of applying a design to dyed fabric by printing a colour-destroying agent, such as chlorine or hydrosulfite, to bleach out a white or light pattern on the darker coloured ground.

Jahota Printing:
Jahota print is a combination of Bagru and Dabu. Once the process of Bagru print is finished and washed, the Dabu mud-resist print is also done on the same fabric and dyed in natural colours.

Kalamkari Printing:

Kalamkari in hand block printing is a block-printed cotton textile which uses natural dyes for different colours. Numerous colors can be used in this process.

Apart from these there are more techniques of Hand Block Printing as well.