Origin Of Hand Block Printing

Origin Of Hand Block Printing

THE LOST ART OF INDIA ,Hand Block Printing is being practiced in India since more than 500 years. At that point of time India was ruled by Kingdoms. The Hand block printing was started in the 12th centuary, This creation was enjoyed by the Kings and the Queens and made the process of Hand block printing recognizable as the symbol of royalty.

The art of printing has been carried down to date by next generations and with time many variations of Hand block printing was introduced as well like Bagru printing, Sanganeri printing, Kalamkari block printing, Ajrakh printing, and Dabu printing.

The domain hub of hand block printing are Sanganer and Bagru situated in Rajasthan. You will also find a huge textile market in Jaipur.

Hand Block Printing is a unique process that represents our culture. It requires proper artwork ,knowledge and experience is required to justify the beauty of our roots.

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